Think the YMCA, but reimagined for the arts.

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Alcove x TRUCK

We’re collaborating with TRUCK Contemporary Art in August to bring you a local art and zine fair featuring local artists, crafters, makers, and small businesses in Mohkinstsis/Calgary.

Alcove Creatives Mixer

We’re bringing together people that Alcove collaborates with– local creatives, individuals who work in the sector, and key players such as (but not limited to) grants organizations, media outlets, politicians, City Administration, property management groups, and Business Improvement Areas.

*This is not an event where we curate activities, or arts programming. This is purely an opportunity for people involved or supporting Calgary’s arts community in any capacity to connect, network and get together.

The Alcove Centre for the Arts (The Alcove) is a non-profit organization in Calgary, Alberta, aiming to increase accessibility to the arts by offering workshops, artistic showcases, and a creative social space or a “collaborative art space”.

The Alcove’s goal is to open a full-time recreational facility (like the YMCA) centred around artistic practices. The Alcove will be a community hub in Calgary to make art more accessible and provide a platform to support local artists.

We believe creativity is integral to the human experience, and that everyone deserves a space to foster it.


To provide a space that cultivates creativity and builds connections within the community.


Calgary is a vibrant community where everyone can foster their creativity.


  • Creativity, Connection and Community
  • Curiosity and Inspiration
  • Inclusivity and Accessibility
  • Healing and Empowerment
  • Art as part of everyday life
“It [Raw Voices] was just supposed to be a one-time thing, but there was an appetite for it in the city.”

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