Think the YMCA, but reimagined for the arts.

The Alcove Centre for the Arts (The Alcove) is a non-profit organization in Calgary, Alberta, aiming to increase accessibility to the arts by offering workshops, artistic showcases, and a creative social space or a “collaborative art space”.

The Alcove’s goal is to open a full-time recreational facility (like the YMCA) centred around artistic practices. The Alcove will be a community hub in Calgary to make art more accessible and provide a platform to support local artists.

We believe creativity is integral to the human experience, and that everyone deserves a space to foster it.


To provide a space that cultivates creativity and builds connections within the community.


Calgary is a vibrant community where everyone can foster their creativity.


  • Values
  • Creativity, Connection, and Community
  • Curiosity and Inspiration
  • Inclusivity and Accessibility
  • Healing and Empowerment
  • Art as part of everyday life

“It [Raw Voices] was just supposed to be a one-time thing, but there was an appetite for it in the city.”

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